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Friday, 4 December 2009

Adventures in Morningside!

Mmmmm... I experienced my first mince pie of the season last night and very yummy it was too (thank you Mr Marks and Mr Spencer!) it was also an extra pleasure to share that experience with Rach who was my very glamorous assistant at the craft fair. (which was where we had the pies!)

It was a lovely evening and the tree decorations seemed to go down well and good to see some friendly faces. Despite trying to under charge people (a new idea i think in successful business running) it went well - thanks to the honesty of the customers!

A very fun night, many thanks to Rach for her invaluble help - photo taking, ribbon tying, shifting enormously heavy boxes and keeping me on track!
Also a thanks to all the ladies on the WAGs committee and especially to Carrie.
Pre-Christmas orders close today (this is only for small items). Anything else you are interested in please email me or contact me through the website!
A million thanks as always for your interest and exciting christmas countdowns to you all!
with love and hugs xxx

(*image courtesy of Caro Wallis)

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