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Monday, 15 March 2010

Happy Monday!

Welcome to a new week...
My thoughts over the weekend have been drifting from carving to decoupage then on to the general practice of decorating furniture.

As you dear reader have probably come to realise I like to decorate, be it buttons, pretty fabric, a wooden catch or a gilded butterfly I love to add a bit of femininity to what can sometimes be a rather sturdy, male field. Much to the horror of Alan and Sandy (who'd have thought you could have two Koumpounophobes (button phobia - I had to look this up!) residing in one workshop?) I have a particular love for buttons. I think this stems from rifling though my Mum's amazing button box which, when opened, was a treasure chest of the finest jewels; a rainbow of brightly coloured sweets. So much detail in such a tiny space I recall little flowers, pearly finishes and my absolute favorite...the powder blue elephant! (Photograph: Garry Gay/Alamy in

Another fascination (though I am yet to experiment myself) is decoupage. On my browsing travels I came across this wonderful company 'Tilghman Island Chair Company' you can visit them here. I shall give you a little taster...
Beautiful and how utterly gorgeous is the dog?

Now for some furniture love of the week:

How much fun would meetings be if this were your boardroom table?

and finally...

I think this is just stunning, I hope it adds some beauty and inspiration to your day.

(inspirational images from

with love from little acorns xxx

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  1. If only my boardroom table was like that and I had a dog! thanks for the inspiration.


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