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Thursday, 11 November 2010

the north wind doth blow...

...well there is actually no snow here yet but I hear the hills are daubed with a little white which is exciting and calls for such rhymes. It certainly felt a bit on the chilly side at 7am this morning as I waited in the dark and gales for my poor dad to arrive at the workshop to help me deliver the rather heavy oak TV table to it's new and might I add beautiful home near Cockburnspath.

A lovely friend of my Dad's kindly commissioned this piece with the specification that it was to house LPs, CDs and all other TV paraphernalia. We decided on some handsome Scottish Oak and I added a subtle walnut detail to liven it up. The house has an amazing red kitchen which is bold yet sleek with smooth curved corners. I wanted to carry this through in the design of the TV unit - hence it's solidity and curved CD shelves. I finished it with many grades of sandpaper, care, some shellac and finally white wax. This is a finish that I favour for the texture it gives the piece and the colours that come through.

in it's new home

the curved CD shelves

with CD and LP in place

We have moved (note: the van was not as cool and red as this one!)

With my kind, extremely patient and hard working helpers we managed to move all my hoardings from the old Gifford location to my new home near Cousland. It was sad to say farewell to the lovely people at Chippendale especially wonderful Clare and Sandy who have been kind friends and offered so much help and support over the years I have been there. If you are reading a massive thank you to you both.

Happy Thursdays to you all, keep cosy and dry.

With love from little acorns xxx


  1. Hello - was lovely to meet you the other night! I've been thinking that Rebecca Gibb is actually a GREAT name for a furniture design company - I can just see it written in lovely typography for your logo. Best of luck with the name change, and let me know when you're ready for your interview!


    p.s how's the bunting going? Mine is not good, not good at all...

  2. Hello! Thanks! Your furniture's gorgeous, looking forward to our wee project!!

  3. Thank you to both of you for your lovely comments!

    Rebecca - lovely to meet you too, was a very fun evening! xx

    Fiona - me too! xx


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