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Friday, 28 January 2011

I'm just mad about saffron

Dear reader,

After a slightly blue January I decided what I needed was a little colour in my life. It just so happens that my most favourite colour, yellow, has the warmth, fun and cheerfulness that I crave. At my lovely man's we are decorating (currently the spare bedroom) and we have quite differing views on colour. I LOVE it, he is more of a monochrome admirer. So with the gray carpet soon to arrive what could be better than the dreamy combination of charcoal gray and lemon yellow. As I researched some interior options, with this scheme in mind, i discovered this seems to be a popular topic this month! Read some much more articulate and knowledgeable opinions here and here.

In my dreams, the ones where money is no issue, these are some of the items I would put in this room.

this yummy alpaca throw from here.

this cute cushion from here

this amazing lamp from here

for all my bits and bobs. This, from here

for the sheer joy of it this from here

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