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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Through the looking glass

After Friday's sneaky peek I thought I would come back with a few more shots and a little description of the latest mirror.

This mirror is a wedding gift commissioned for the bride and groom by family friends. The bride had two stipulations a butterfly and Yew. She and her husband love Yew, obviously smart people with good taste!

Yew is simply stunning though a bit less stunning to work with! It is a beautiful, rich, (this example is also locally felled and milled) timber that seems to emit warmth from its orange and burnt sienna hues. The colours you see now will, with time, deepen and darken. 

The wood was mitered, shaped, and sanded to produce this...

The butterfly was carved from lime, gessoed and then painted with gold and highlighted with this amazing product from Henderson Art shop in Stockbridge.

Hope you're all tucking into (or have had) some yummy pancakes

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  1. I want to stroke this yew! Big Wednesday smiles x


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