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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Wine Wednesdays: a work in progress

Do you have those days, the ones where you work all day but get to the end of it and are not entirely sure what you achieved? I had one of those today. 

It started out decadently with cake for breakfast (the spoils of a wonderful evening, beautifully reviewed here) and with an early start at the workshop. I am currently working on a wine rack; an original design made with Scottish oak and finished with shellac and wax. The parts have all been cut, shaped, sanded and the finish applied. I naively thought I would have it all together by this afternoon and have the opportunity to squeeze in some admin days before the weekend!  Initial break-out on the saw ruined this plan immediately and then my own foolish ambitions completed the derailment. The foolishness was a simple desire to add some sycamore detail which just ended up taking much longer than imagined - though I must admit to rather liking said detail.

Maybe a Friday finish is a little more achievable!

The work in progress:

  All the pieces waiting on their second coat of shellac

 Two strengthening keys. to prevent the natural cracks* spreading.

My favorite workshop fallback! Hard waxes. So much fun to colour mix. So useful for blending and making repairs. Plus they just look pretty!**

and just because it made me smile...

with thanks to A Punch of Color for this photo

Love xxx

* these can occur due to drying the timber out too quickly or just natural shakes in the wood.
** I think they need a post of their own!

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