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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Happy Wednesday - half way to the weekend!

Morning furniture lovers, tree worshipers, friends...

I hope this finds you all well and happy despite the disappearing snow and brown slush instead (makes me quite sad). I have been thinking about how much i have loved this snowy weather, clearing my car of ice and snow secretly fills me with excitement. Maybe i'm better suited to Canadian living or even Norway hmmm...

Enough of that...back to workshop tales. I am sitting typing with my bright pink ear defenders on - which to me serve the dual purpose of keeping my ears warm and blocking out the noise of the router in the back ground. I should really be doing some designing but to be honest i'm feeling less than motivated. Excitement yesterday (sort of) as my hand nearly got dragged into the planer... seemed to provoke more laughter than concern?!

Apparently (according to radio 4) 1960s-70s furniture is all back in fashion now so hold onto your 'retro' pieces!

My furniture love of the day please take a look here

sending love and the joy to come of little spring flowers making their way to the soil surface!


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