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Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday morning pondering and wishful thinking...

Mondays are so much harder after a weekend of seeing friends who make your heart sing, blue skies and beautiful sunshine. So I sit here and think of beautiful, inspiring things instead of doing some actual woodwork.

The sun always leads me to thinking of four things - the sea, pretty sandals, big sunglasses (the bigger the better) and of course Paris...

Oh to be as be as beautiful as Audrey and a Parisian!

So on to more furniture related things. I have been experimenting of late which has been very enjoyable I have carved, gessoed, gilded and waxed to create some nature inspired items that will be previewed soon, right here!

My LOVE for the day is directed at the fabulous Orla Kiely

Here are some of my favourite items which in my lottery winning dreams are mine!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my little musings...

sending love and daffodils

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  1. Love that happy sunny days shot. Hope you are feeling inspired. I am loving my flower brooch...a post on that please? I can send some pics xx


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