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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Traveling acorns!

Happy Wednesday all!

How are you? Little acorns have been on holiday (well I have). Lovely sunny Mallorca with the Gibb gang which involved swimming, climbing, good food, homemade strawberry daiquiris*, jellyfish stings and sun!

I am back and have been playing with my website which if you haven't visited and would like to can be found here

I did actually do some work whilst away (if you can call looking at the stunning Mallorcian design and architecture work) and came back inspired by the talent out there and from Ma and Pa Gibb's tasteful decor!
With love xxx

* Home Made Strawberry Daiquiris
A large crate of fresh market bought Mallorcian Strawberries
a little fresh orange
a lot of rum
sugar syrup to taste
a large amount of ice
Blend all this and serve long! (heaven!)

This confused but amused Sister and I - two toilets in one cubicle...que?! x

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