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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Timeless beauty...

'Trees are your best antiques' Alexander Smith

A lovely quote I think; don't you?

My thoughts today have been on things of the past and of their value not monetarily but of memories and life lessons. As I browsed the shelves of my wonderful Grandpa's house I came across old school books on grammar, physics, arithmetic but the one that made me smile the most was the one entitled 'Cocktails. How to mix them.' written by the mysterious man know simply as Robert. It is a charming and funny read not only of cocktails from a more decadent era but a gorgeous insight into the society of those times.

Whilst trees are undoubtably are best antiques, many of us have beautiful pieces handed down to us, bought at auction or painstakingly uncovered from the dark and dusty back rooms of antique shops. Whilst some might be of great value or of historic interest many are purely priceless just to us. Whatever their worth all deserve to be loved and cared for which is why I added a new page to my website today entitled 'Restoration'. Funnily enough it advertises the fact that whilst I love to make I equally enjoy and get great satisfaction from restoration. The joy of preserving, mending or giving an old, worn piece of furniture a new lease of life cannot be underestimated.

So dear reader, if you, a friend, a colleague or family member have a slightly sad looking settle or careworn chair please think about getting it restored and please consider little acorns as your restorer!

For more information you can visit my website...

With love and hopes of brighter days for much loved antiques,


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  1. Cool quote lady. Just catching up on your blog to bring some sunshine to my morning and it worked. Thanks xx


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