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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Cream teas and dragonflies

Good morning,

I hope wherever you are you have sunshine and blue skies. The sun, here in Edinburgh, seems to have gone on holiday and has left me feeling all out of sorts. Though my mood could just be the result of that well known back to work post holiday slump.

After a painfully early start, an on-time flight, a shiny hire car (with a short lived debate as to who was to drive) and some, to put it mildly, stomach churning, nail biting Devonshire roads we found ourselves in remote Dartmoor at the gates of a chocolate box farm complete with growling dog. After this interesting start my lovely man and I immersed ourselves in the wonders that mother nature has to offer in this perfectly unspoiled part of the world. From rugged moorland and the hidden wonders of disused quarries which were home to stone formations that bewitched the eye and inspired the mind we travelled down gullies and along lush, wildlife abundant river beds. After all that exploring we just about managed to make time to sample the delicacies (both liquid and culinary) of the local pubs in their picturesque thatched village settings.

Real morris dancers!

Clapper Bridge, Dartmeet
© Copyright Cathy Cox and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Thank you for indulging in my ramblings. Before I left I completed my latest piece a hall table with three drawers made from (my favourite) olive ash with some discreet walnut details. It's progress has been documented in my previous writings but here is the finished piece.

With love, little acorns x

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  1. What a divine table, topped off with REAL morris dancers and a cream tea - who could ask for more? I must get further south on my travels it sounds so pretty xx


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