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Monday, 14 June 2010

London's calling...

Happy Monday...

It feels a long way from Friday when with picnic and overpacked bags in hand my handsome companion and I boarded the train to London. I always get a little overexcited by rail travel but with the prospect of a weekend with friends and family in London added to the equation I was a bundle of suppressed silliness!

We lumbered along sun splashed cliffs, through glowing saffron and emerald fields and steadily crept into the edges of the metropolis... I had intentions of designing to be done with my trusty Homes and Interiors Scotland near by for inspiration but I was as restless as a kitten - I think, to the slight irritation of my patient companion who had hopes of peaceful travel!

All was not lost on the inspiration front as we raced through the mazes of the underground past intriguing artwork and jewel coloured mosaics then treaded the streets overshadowed by magnificently designed buildings of past and present. Early on the Saturday morning as we sipped the most delicious coffee and people watched as Borough Market came to life we commented on the intelligence and creativity that had gone into the design (designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano) and engineering of 'The Shard' . Later in the weekend we were spoilt with views over London from the Observatory and a glimpse at the intricacy of the carved stonework.

Though I must return to my true love - furniture and the treat the weekend had in store for me! We travelled across London to visit my lovely man's brother, sister-in-law and gorgeous nephew in their oh-so beautiful and inspiring home... which is also home to an (hold-your-breath) Eames lounge chair and ottoman - absolutely stunning, the finest example of the genius of the Eames' contribution to design history.


... it is tricky for me to jump from such icons to my own little fledgling steps in this furniture world which is led by such masters past and present to whom I bow my head in complete awe and respect. However this blog is to display my work so here is a snippet of further work in progress...

The Olive Ash Hall table...

routing the edges...

with love and wishing you a happy week ahead

little acorns xxx

* Artist's impression of The Shard. Image courtesy of the BBC News website
**Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Charles Eames (1955) IMage source and courtesy of

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