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Friday, 20 August 2010

Dreams of Eames..

Happy Friday!

A wee while back I commented on the stunning Eames lounge chair and ottoman residing in my lovely man's brother and sister-in-law's beautiful home.

Well this week I have been in correspondence with the delightful Jonathan from Elegance Code - they specialise in the sale of contemporary furniture including an Eames style lounge chair. To help customers decide which colour chair they think would best suit their living space they have come up with this rather cunning colour selector Go, have a look, have a play - it's a clever concept and I wish them all the luck with it.

On a more local note, I was fortunate enough to dine this week with the most wonderful company at the delicious vegetarian haven that is l'artichaut. Let me tell you, it is truly a feast for all the senses. The food is delectable with delicate but powerful flavours and a menu so interesting it even converted my carnivorous father! The food is not the only pleasure - as you dine you are seated at the most gorgeous table on an assortment of beautiful chairs all from the workshop of the late Tim Stead. We induldged and were inspired - I would highly reccommend this experience.

I'm off to look at new studio space this weekend so fingers crossed that little acorns can find a new and inspiring home.

Whether you're dreaming of Eames, coveting Chippendale or lusting after Le Corbusier I wish you a happy weekend xxx

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  1. Wow. I'm dreaming of Eames. So funny that you mention l'artichoke too - we we there last week and I meant to say to you the furniture was fab and sure to be appreciated by you. Where's the new studio? OOh I'm all excited. Happy, happy Friday xxx


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