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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wedding bells, autumn leaves and a new workshop...

Happy autumn day,

I feel I have been rather lax with my blog writing of late but I do have an extremely good excuse! My lovely sister is now officially Mrs Thompson married on Saturday to the wonderful Ben. It was a beautiful wedding with the sea swirling in the background, a star covered canopy, dancing, drinking, frolicking and best of all the happy, smiling couple.

I have therefore been rather distracted and busy working away on some little wood themed gifts and touches for the day.

Bowls were turned, heart shaped chopping boards oiled but I will report in detail on my favorites. I made and bound a guestbook to give all the guest's thoughts, feelings and best wishes a good home. This was only my second attempt at binding and I was surprisingly pleased with the results (for a selection of beautiful, professional book binding look no further than here). I had a little last minute help from the Mother of the Groom who is an incredibly talented lady who designed the motif for the invitations and all printed items on the day.

Cathy (Mother of the Grooms Scottish/Irish design)

Having recently spotted an abandoned but beautiful wrought iron table base at my sister and brother-in-laws London flat I had an idea. With some cunning assistance from my dad we smuggled it home and I made a top for it to present to them as a wee wedding gift. It was with such satisfaction that I gave the table base a new lease of life.

Whilst on the subject of reclamation and rejuvenation I must draw your attention to Caroline Key an incredibly talented lady based in Edinburgh who I was fortunate enough to chance upon a month or so ago. You can find her here.

I may be a bit quiet for a while now as little acorns are making fresh roots in a new workshop very soon.

Enjoy the golden leaves and autumn sun,

love from little acorns xxx

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