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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Any 'royal' skeletons in the closet?

With the big day tomorrow it feels like the tidal wave of Royal Wedding mania is reaching its climax. Whilst my lovely man sits and grumbles about all the unnecessary media hype and gimmicks I smile patiently whilst secretly reading all the gossip, latest updates and pour over the memorabilia on offer!

After some internal debate and browsing I descended on (and purchased) this beauty that can be found here.

and if I had been more organised I would be taking this over to my Mum's Royal Wedding knees up...

This and lots of other lovely stuff were perfectly styled, shot and written about over here.

My absolute, laugh out loud, best Royal Wedding tribute has to be this shop front, genius! Even if you've not been swept up by the hype this has to make you giggle a!

Window display: Physis, Edinburgh

 lots of love, bunting and Victoria sponge and enjoy the extra holiday!

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