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Friday, 8 July 2011

Observations on the wine rack

As I write I am sitting looking out on a rather damp Edinburgh summer evening with a glass of wine by my side. Whilst I know I should probably venture out, the warm flat and bewitching ruby glow of the wine is too appealing. Instead I will write a much belated post on a recent creation.

A lovely lady came to me with a wine rack commission in mind. She wanted something a bit different, preferably made with oak and most definitely special as this was to be a wedding gift. I very much liked this little project form the start. I put pen to paper (or mouse to sketch-up) and sent out three designs for her to choose from. After some consultation with the other parties involved, a design was decided upon and this was it:

I was so glad they chose this one as it was by far my most favourite and the one I thought would be most interesting to make. What I also loved was that with this wine rack it was always going to be more than just a wine rack (well that is what I hoped for and hope I have achieved). It's shape and size meant that from the beginning we understood that it would be floor standing and that it would probably need a bit of room to be displayed properly. It was not simply a functional kitchen item but an addition to the home. 

I am no wine connoisseur by any means but I know that those who are have cellars and special temperature controlled fridges and then there are some of us on the other end of the spectrum (me included) who have a simple Ikea rack stuffed in a corner on the kitchen worktop. Despite this I would like to think there is room out there for something a bit different, that we might want more from our 'functional items'. Why shouldn't fine wines (or whiskeys for that matter) be stored in something visually interesting? Something that reflects its humble, natural beginnings and draws attention to the amazing process, the hours of labour and craftsmanship that were employed to produce the beautifully balanced nectar.... 

From grapes and acorns to merlots and wine racks.

enjoy your weekend... and if you are in Edinburgh and looking for a lovely wine I would highly recommend these guys

With massive thanks to Rachel Rowley for all the photos. Read about her adventures as part of the team behind Edinburgh's first supper club here.

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